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As the use of cannabis moves mainstream there’s a disconnect with the accessories and “stash boxes” currently available. The majority of accessories on the market play into the hippie or stoner stereotypes associated with cannabis smokers although over 70% of cannabis users today don’t feel they fit into that stereotype. Our mission is to break these stereotypes and provide stylish, high quality storage solutions and accessories for the modern connoisseur.

Our products have been featured in gift guides on Leafly and and are ready for shipment today!  You keep your liquor in a liquor cabinet and your wine in a wine rack, your high grade consumers are looking to move on from the shoebox and pencil case and find a safe and modern cannabis storage solution.


  •  We can provide OEM customized smell proof bags with logos (proud to supply licenced producers and dispensaries in Canada with customized accessories)

  • Private Label, custom designed manufacturing options available

  • Branding Collaboration and Co-Branding opportunities available

  • Licensing of smell proof technology and branding requests can be submitted


why hush smell proof bags can boost revenues at your retail store:

  1. IN HIGH DEMAND:  In just the last year, search for keyword “Smell Proof Bags” has increased by over 50% on Google and is expected to grow year over year. 

  2. TRANSPORT RESPONSIBLY:  Our travel cases are all smell proof, lockable and discreet and comply with all current and proposed cannabis transportation laws in Canada and legalized States. Your uber driver shouldn’t be able to smell what your plans are for the night!

  3. YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION:  Industry data suggests that up to 20% of dispensary sales are coming from cannabis accessories that afford larger sales margins than flower. Your clients are looking to spend on accessories that enhance their experience.

  4. SOCIAL PROOF: HUSH Accessories boast an overall perfect 5 star customer rating online with over 200+ reviews. Over 80% of shoppers read online reviews before making an in-person purchase, reviews have become a huge factor in driving sales. These customers are looking for verified product reviews to determine the credibility, quality and social proof of a product or brand. Hush Lifestyle Brand has built our reputation and brand on our quality workmanship and customer service leading to a strong community of brand ambassadors and repeat buyers.

  5. NO HASSLE ONE YEAR MANUFACTURING WARRANTY: Give your customers peace of mind, Hush Lifestyle Brand stands behind the quality of our products and provide a hassle free one year warranty on any manufacturing defects. Customers can contact us directly to process warranty. 

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