Leather Stealth Case – Black


Stash your goods away safely and in style with our Leather Stealth Case – made with premium vegan leather. Keep your medicinal products safe from children, pets, and any other curious eyes.

SMELL PROOF – All bags are lined with activated carbon within the interior fabric, eliminating and locking in all odors

LOCKABLE – Equipped with an integrated 3-digit combination lock, set any code you want and change it whenever you wish

MOISTURE SEAL ZIPPER – Helps trap all odors and doesn’t allow any moisture in or out of the bag

DISCREET AND PORTABLE – Carry your medicinal products discreetly and don’t attract any unnecessary attention

DIMENSIONS: 8″ x 4″ x 3



Storing your meds away from children & pets is extremely important because they are at high risk when it comes to accidental consumption. They go around the house all day looking for things to play with and chew on, which leads to them sometimes consuming meds and causes thousands of visits to the emergency for parents. Marijuana edibles make this worse because they often resemble candies and treats, which are appealing to children and teens. 

family members & roommates

Most people store their medicinal products in their kitchen or room – and for those that share a living space, this can sometimes be a problem. Quite often others can be nosy and go through your things, especially if they are around your personal belongings regularly. For those that store marijuana at home, know that it is has a strong smell and often grabs the attention of those nearby. It is essential to store all meds in a smell-proof and lockable bag. 

Legal compliance

As more states legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana, the laws around carrying it have changed. Just like alcohol, it is illegal to have any open marijuana in the seating area of a vehicle. If a person is caught with marijuana in the front-end of the vehicle, they may get a ticket or arrested depending on local state laws. It is important to always important to store your herbs in a secure bag and in the trunk.

smelling in public

For those that carry marijuana while they’re out and about understand the awkward feeling of smelling like weed everywhere they go. It is often unpleasant for themselves and others around them. This causes unnecessary attention from strangers and acquaintances. This can easily be prevented by carrying your herbs in a smell-proof and lockable Hush bag.