Grey Travel Pouch


The Hush Travel Pouch has a sleek and stylish design that looks great while travelling or to just have in your home. The beige and black colors keep the case discreet while giving it a professional look. Have confidence carrying this bag around knowing all smells are contained and your goods are remaining fresh.

  • SMELL PROOF TECHNOLOGY – The Hush Travel Pouch is lined with the concentrate of activated carbon within the interior fabric – this technology eliminates and locks in all odors and smells
  • MOISTURE SEAL ZIPPER – Our pouch is closed with a moisture sealed zipper which eliminates any odor trying to escape the bag. With this combination of smell proof technology you can carry your herbs anywhere without catching any attention due to the smell
  • COMBINATION LOCK – The pouch comes equipped with an integrated 3-digit combination lock. It is programmable so you can set any code you want, and change it whenever you wish. This is an important feature to have to keep your medicinal products locked away and secure – keep out of reach from others, especially if you have children, pets or nosy family members.
  • HAND/BODY STRAP – This pouch comes with the option of using the hand strap to easily carry around OR you can use the body strap and turn it into a messenger bag when travelling.
  • DISCREET AND PORTABLE – The Hush Pouch is discreet and doesn’t attract any unnecessary attention. With the Smell-Proof Technology you can carry the case around anywhere you go without having to worry about smell – Dimensions: 11″ x 7.5″ x 2.5″

Customer Reviews

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Really love this bag!
I love my stash bag it’s perfect
This is a fantastic product - a secure bag
Great locking bag, sturdy and as advertised. Thank you!
Quality item! I’m really impressed with the quality and style of this bag